white magic

Magic is the art of manipulating aspects of reality either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult laws unknown to science. Magic has been practiced in many cultures, and utilizes ways of understanding, experiencing and influencing the world somewhat akin to those offered by religion, though it is sometimes regarded as more focused on achieving results than religious worship. Magic is often viewed with suspicion by the wider community, and is commonly practiced in isolation and secrecy.

Modern Western magicians generally state magic’s primary purpose to be personal spiritual growth.Modern perspectives on the theory of magic broadly follow two views, which also correspond closely to ancient views. The first sees magic as a result of a universal sympathy within the universe, where if something is done here a result happens somewhere else. The other view sees magic as a collaboration with spirits who cause the effect.


White Magic may refer to:

  • Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path, wherein “white magic” may refer to using magic for good rather than evil
  • White Magic (band), an American rock band
  • White Magic for Lovers, an album by Drugstore
  • White Magic (album), album by Swedish musician ceo
  • White Magic (film), a Bulgarian film released in 1982
  • A Treatise on White Magic, a book by Alice Bailey
  • Magic White, a name used to identify liquid white, a painting medium used in Bob Ross and Bill Alexander wet-on-wet paintings
  • Kirk Stevens, a snooker player who bears the nickname “white magic”
  • Lacey (wrestler), a professional wrestler, who has also performed under the ring name White Magic


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